Three-month-aged Julia arrived to the emergency section with her mother and father for nasal congestion and coughing. As the nurse walked them back again to her home, I swiftly peeked in the vehicle seat and observed that Julia was sucking on her pacifier and did not seem to be to be in any acute distress.

Even though the nurse completed her triage and obtained a set of vital indicators, I seemed up Julia’s chart in the pc to see if she had ever been noticed in the crisis division (ED) before. She hadn’t, but I noticed that Julia had been born prematurely and expended a number of weeks in the NICU in advance of staying discharged residence.

Julia’s mother and father had been relaxed but extremely anxious about her. They claimed she experienced not been using her bottles as nicely as she commonly did because her nose was so congested, and she experienced been coughing for several days. They experienced been suctioning her nose with a bulb syringe, primarily before feedings.