Knee discomfort is the second most typical musculoskeletal complaint powering back pain. It impacts a person-3rd of all People in america at a single time or an additional – and its prevalence has greater significantly in excess of the previous 20 years.

These data suggest that it’s far more important than ever to come across methods to secure your knees as you age – so you can continue on executing points you appreciate – in particular if you want to avoid important procedures or surgical treatment. 

Below are a few strategies to assist you guard your knees as you age – so that you can stay lively and cellular as you age – and with any luck , keep away from main processes and surgical procedures: 

Bolster your Hips and Core 

Your knee joint is positioned just beneath your hips and main. And doctors have identified via investigate that when you have poor handle of your higher leg muscular tissues – you get extra stress by way of your knee joint. The power of your higher leg muscle tissues is very substantially dependent on your hip and core power.