BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TransMedia Team to start PR marketing campaign for Wellness Wisdom Warriors ( to lose light on Dr Tzvi Pearlstein’s patented sole heeling transformation. Faced with his personal painful “bone-on-bone” knees, he formulated a new style of sneaker sole to assistance protect against knee, hip, and back agony, arthritis, and surgical treatment.

“Our PR campaign will demonstrate how for knee suffering and knee arthritis sufferers the source of the difficulty normally is their sneakers, which are curable, no matter of the brand name,” explained TransMedia Team CEO Tom Madden.

Publicity to cite malalignment of the toes as a essential cause of knee soreness, perhaps hip and back again agony too. Like the toeing in and out of the motor vehicle tires, wheel alignment should not hold out till a car’s aged, but is wanted all over its existence. Some with individuals.

TransMedia mentioned it will construct sole heeling recognition of Dr Pearlstein’s discovery that knee pain can be traced to how we set weight on our ft, for which there is a heal his Wellness Knowledge Warriors RV will deliver when it hits the street to painlessness.

TransMedia reported it will give experiences to media of WWW’s itinerary so any one with knee, hip, or back again agony can deliver their sneakers to be fixed.

Starting locally in Florida, then nationwide, Dr Tzvi and his WWW RV will be available for booking consultations to modify sneakers/shoes to protect knees, hips, and again and compensate for foot malalignment.

TransMedia Team strategies to spotlight Dr. Pearlstein’s dealing with sneakers with reasonably priced, hassle-free medicine by asserting his RV’s stops, and alerting providers they can indication up for consultations for their staff members, providing “feetback” for wellness information reporters alongside the path.

“I want to conveniently present comfort from the foot up,” mentioned Dr Pearlstein, Founder of Wellness Wisdom Warriors, and anticipate TransMedia will place my best foot ahead to media.”

“Providers signing up for our corporate wellness consulting to increase personnel ease and comfort, foot and system alignment, and superior posture will have happier staff members with much more power.”

“Media will like interviewing Dr. Pearlstein for his health-related know-how and upbeat personality,” claimed Adrienne Mazzone, President of TransMedia Team.

“TransMedia Group’s publicity will really get the “sneakers treatment on the street” informing media of WWW’s mission to put people on their ft comfortably.”

Media Contact: Adrienne Mazzone [email protected] 561-908-1683.



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