the wellness: spa, pool and physical fitness professionals


From secluded spa retreats to opulent private hydrotherapy havens and health options, The Wellness makes special, creative wellness journeys that withstand the check of time. The Wellness consultancy curates holistic health ordeals that evoke emotion, excite the eye, and awaken senses by way of the clever style of sight, light, seem, and scent. designboom will take a moment to highlight a choice of these rejuvenating and exclusive projects.

Six Senses Ibiza

(principal impression: Al Faya Lodge by Anarchitect / photography © Fernando Guerra)



With a worldwide presence spanning 30 several years and above a 10 years especially in the Middle East as very well, The Wellness has recognized alone as a leader in spa and pools style and design and engineering options. One glance at the Dubai-primarily based consultancy’s portfolio by itself proves why. The staff is designed of a lot more than architects, engineers and consultants they are a collective of curious minds, inventive visionaries, and proficient artisans that deliver one of a kind wellness experiences.

the wellness consultancy designs bespoke spa, health and fitness havens
Jumeirah Al Naseem Health club is in Dubai, UAE



Our style approach entails making use of applications and machines that are reminiscent of those utilised by architects and interior designers of the previous. These can come to be toy-like for designers, This link enables us to delve deeper into styles, ensuing in elaborate amounts of sophistication and attractiveness that set just about every challenge aside as distinct, bespoke, and noteworthy,’ shares The Wellness to designboom.


the wellness consultancy designs bespoke spa, health and fitness havens
LUX Grand Baie Mauritius Yoga Space



the bespoke wellness journeys


The group tailors bespoke wellness journeys for every single distinct job, encompassing full-spectrum inside style and engineering companies seamlessly orchestrated from a one resource. This technique makes certain that each and every encounter is not only individually personalized but also exudes unparalleled high quality and effectiveness able of withstanding the examination of time. Concepts in spa, exercise, hydro engineering and leisure at all understood on an worldwide scale.

the wellness consultancy designs bespoke spa, health and fitness havens
Blended Wellness, Woman Thermal Cave in Dubai, UAE.



Drawing inspiration from the organic planet, The Wellness’ styles typically derive from organic and natural designs and sorts. Over and above aesthetics, even though, just about every job shares a widespread characteristic: to produce an supreme wellness working experience for company. Whether or not crafting higher-conclusion techniques for residential and non-public tasks or expansive lodge developments, just about every style and design is customized in model, capabilities, and activities.