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Most of us have the urge to finish an unfinished book, complete an incomplete project or wrap up a work. It is natural. In doing so, one is seeking closure of energy that gets opened up in the process of exchange, whether it is with a book, person, or with some thing or someone.

One can feel completeness in deciding to leave something in-between and yet feel the closure. For example, leaving a bad movie midway and being okay with it or tossing off a boring book and not feeling regretful about the decision. The exchange or transaction of energy takes place at the vibrational level.

Closure implies a balanced energy transaction. In human interactions, when giving and receiving feels complete, then peace and harmony is felt. This implies closure.

Feelings and emotions are the indicators. Consider them as currencies of energy exchange. One can be in energy debt or surplus indicating one’s open energy field in roles of aggressor or victim.

Open energies

Open energies are naturally disturbing. No one likes open wounds, whether physical or emotional. Emotions of hurt, regret, revenge, resentment, anger and other low-feeling emotions are split-open energies. These seek closure and, therefore, surface in one’s physical reality as recurring patterns of an experience and related emotional surges. These indicate that the energy is waiting for a balanced wrap-up.

Energies like to move and flow. That is the nature of energy. When humans get entangled in any emotional experience or feeling, the energy is stuck, seeking freedom and flow. Flow is one’s own growth, evolution which gets obstructed when one doesn’t see growth in an experience. All experiences teach and enrich; when learning is earned from an experience, benefit/s consciously registered, energy feels free to flow.

Unfinished work calls

Open energies can be closed by invoking and abiding in the gentle frequencies of compassion, love, gratitude, appreciation, benevolence. Acts of apology, acknowledgement, respect, trust and forgiveness offers closure. Forgiveness is high-level emotion-vibration that acts as healing balm. It is the toughest road and the most rewarding. All these frequencies can be cultivated and practised.

When an energy transaction is incomplete/unbalanced in the current lifetime, it gets carried over to be worked in the next ones. There is no escape in the cycle of Eternity as a giver or a receiver of experiences. When teachings are internalised, soul feels free to move to the next chapter of growth ending one

The present moment offers the gift of closure; of the past as well as of the (unmanifest) future. Future becomes past (Sept 18 will become past). The present moment stands to be utilised to create new future and rested on it, a new past.

One of the ways to release a stuck past energy is to acknowledge it, acknowledge the role it played in your growth. It must be understood that evolution uses polarities (polar energies) to impart wisdom/growth/learning. Offer gratitude to your experience while acknowledging the role of, for example, resentment, in absence of which you won’t have learnt acceptance.

As regards charging the energy of future, acknowledge its possibilities and potentialities and script a positive-possibility for yourself. Manifest it thus.

In working with the most important aspect, the present, re-review your ongoing energy exchanges. Ask: If I were to receive what I give to others this moment through my thoughts, words, actions and reactions, how would I feel? Complete or not. Give the way you would like to receive it. Closure will be felt.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: [email protected]