Introductory note from TPG founder Brian Kelly:

“The key to any successful credit card strategy is diversification. While miles and points can be invaluable for travel, it’s always good to have a cash-back credit card that can cover other expenses — or simply improve your monthly finances, especially if you don’t have any trips on your horizon.

“My pick is the Paceline Card, because the earning rates when you hit your weekly activity goal — 5% on health and fitness purchases plus an unlimited 3% back on everything else — are unparalleled (most cash-back cards offer just 1-2% back). And perhaps the best part of the card is that it holds me accountable for staying active — which ultimately is the best reward for my body.

“As they say — health is wealth!”

Physical health and financial well-being aren’t two separate things according to Paceline, the wellness platform that combines your fitness and financial goals.

Working out has numerous long-term health benefits, and Paceline is making fitness even more rewarding. The platform allows you to keep track of your physical activity by syncing your Apple Watch, FitBit or Garmin with its mobile app and then claiming rewards each week after reaching an activity goal.

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Earlier this year, the unique and exciting fitness platform added an even greater incentive to stay active: The Paceline Visa Signature Card.

The Paceline Card is the credit card that rewards you for focusing on your physical health. Cardmembers can double their cash-back earnings and enjoy statement credits (up to $429) to cover a brand-new Apple Watch — just by reaching 150 minutes of elevated heart rate activity. This can happen with something as simple as a brisk walk!


Here’s how you can get rewarded just for staying active with the new Paceline Visa Signature Card.

What is Paceline?

Paceline’s goal is simple: Provide tangible rewards to incentivize customers to stay physically active, thus preventing long-term health concerns.

It’s easy to use for anyone:

  • First, you sync your wearable fitness device to the Paceline mobile app.
  • When you work out, the app tracks your movement and activity level.
  • When you hit an elevated heart rate for at least 150 minutes per week, you’ll unlock rewards.

These rewards can include $1 Amazon gift cards, $50 off your first purchase at luxury activewear brands like Alala and more.

150 minutes may seem like a long time, but it’s just about 21 minutes a day. Depending on your fitness level, that elevated heart rate could be hit on a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

But there’s a way to take these rewards to the next level when you use the Paceline Card as you work toward your fitness goals.

How to earn rewards with the Paceline Card

The Paceline Card rewards health and wellness activity, including at the grocery store.

All cardmembers earn 2.5% cash back on eligible health and wellness purchases — including gym memberships, fitness equipment, sporting goods and select athletic apparel retailers. This 2.5% rate also applies to grocery stores and pharmacies. All other qualifying purchases will earn 1.5% back.

These are solid reward rates to begin with — but they get even better.

When you stay physically active — which is defined as just 150 minutes of elevated heart activity per week — your rewards on all purchases double (to 5% on eligible health and wellness purchases and 3% on all other qualifying purchases). The Paceline app and credit card work in tandem to track your progress through a wearable fitness device and then reward you accordingly.


But don’t worry if you don’t have a Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch. There’s another perk on the Paceline Card that comes with physical activity.

All you have to do is purchase a new Apple Watch directly in the Paceline app using the card. Then, when you hit that same 150-minute weekly activity goal, you’ll earn a statement credit each week to help reimburse the cost of that purchase — up to $429 over 12 months.

Who is the Paceline Card for?

The Paceline Card is for anyone who wants to be rewarded for staying active, while at home or on the road. Paceline cardmembers prioritize health and wellness spending, including recovery activities such as spa visits and massages, and enjoy the cash-back incentive of using their card.

It’s worth noting that the 2.5% and 1.5% rewards rates on the Paceline Card already stack up favorably compared to other cash-back cards. But when you double those with 150 minutes of physical activity each week, they are outstanding.

Consider the following earning chart for those who reach their weekly fitness goals:

Cash-back rate Types of purchases
5% Gym memberships, fitness classes, sports equipment, athletic apparel, groceries and pharmacies.
3% Dining out, travel, entertainment, utilities, online shopping and more.

This can translate to an incredible amount of rewards back in your pocket every year — in addition to the long-term health benefits of staying physically active.

Bottom line

The Paceline Visa Signature Card takes a new approach for a credit card, rewarding customers for their physical fitness with cash back.

Cardmembers will enjoy 5% cash back on eligible health and wellness purchases when they meet a weekly fitness goal — just 150 minutes of elevated heart rate activity per week. Doing so will also unlock 3% cash back on travel, dining and all other qualifying purchases.

Paceline understands that your financial health and physical health are critical to your overall well-being — and rewards you accordingly.

If you want to boost your physical fitness and take home up to 5% cash back on a wide variety of purchases, apply for the Paceline Card today.

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