If you currently work in the healthcare industry and are looking to further your career with a leadership role, then there are some characteristics you should possess to be as successful as possible. Leadership in any position is more than just being good at your job or having the desire to make more money – it is a responsibility that includes the following traits.


Leadership involves mentoring those staff members who fall under your purview and sharing your experience and knowledge with them so that they can become better employees or move up into leadership themselves. A good leader recognizes their role in developing future leaders in the healthcare industry and also has a succession plan in place for when they decide to move up. If you are currently in the healthcare industry and you want to learn how to develop your mentoring skills, an MSN in leadership online is a great option to consider. Schools such as the University of Indianapolis offer an online course for nursing staff who want to take their career to the next level and learn how to shape the minds and skills of future generations of nurses.

Challenging the status quo

A good leader will not just lead with existing practices, but will also accept new ideas and innovations brought to them by their team. This includes getting out of their comfort zones and allowing a staff member to test a different approach or new idea so that everyone can learn from the process. Challenging the status quo has become a necessity with the nursing shortage that the US is currently experiencing. 

Teach others

Becoming a good leader is so much more than giving employees tasks and managing procedures. It is an opportunity to teach others who are the future of the healthcare system. When leaders take on the role of teacher, they impart their knowledge to those following in their footsteps, and this benefits the industry they have committed to working for. It also helps them with their own career through succession planning when they are ready to move up. With the urgent need for more healthcare staff, teaching those future leaders to develop more staff underneath them is crucial. 

Practice humility

Healthcare is always evolving, and a good leader will be able to accept differing points of view and accept that they also have room to learn and grow. Good leaders understand that their knowledge is not all-encompassing and there is always room for new opinions. 

Help others grow in their careers

Improving the future of healthcare by helping the new staff learn and grown in their roles is paramount to the role of a leader.  When you have the desire to develop these traits or you already possess them, you are ready to lead individuals or a team. The ability to mentor, challenge the status quo, teach others, practice humility and help others with their careers are all skills that you can develop in your role.