In this Decathlon Nyamba Reversible Balance Station review, we discuss how it can help strengthen your core and improve you golf swing in the process.

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Decathlon Nyamba Reversible Balance Station Review


  • Great value for its functionality. Limitless training options.


  • Need a good amount of space to use effectively.


Decathlon Nyamba Reversible Balance Station



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Decathlon Nyamba Reversible Balance Station Review

Core strength is hugely important in the golf swing – a stronger core means you have greater stability and a better starting point from which to make a confident and powerful swing. It also helps keep you stable on short shots and putts.

This is a fitness tool that gives multiple exercise options for increasing core strength.

This reversible balance station offers a range of options for exercises to strengthen muscles and improve core strength.

The Balance Station lets you train on an unstable base so that you are constantly using your core muscles and improving your balance. You can also do numerous strength training and physio exercises.

The dome is inflated with a provided pump and is soft to stand on when inflated.

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The balance station comes with detachable handles on stretch cords that can be used whether the station is dome or flat side down. The balance station can hold a weight up to 130kg.

It’s a low-cost version of a BOSU ball (which stands for Both Sides Up). As the name suggests you can use it either side up with the common factor being that its ‘wobbly’ nature tests your balance on every exercise and means you have to engage your core muscles – which are so important in golf swing.

This Decathlon version is about half the price of the ‘official’ BOSU ball but its functionality is pretty much the same. It comes with some detachable resistance bands with handles which give you some more options to tone your upper body. The number of exercises you can do with this piece of equipment is phenomenal.

It’s a versatile tool that can be easily stored and used in the house or garage, either as part of a workout routine or as a standalone activity.


This low cost version of a BOSU Ball delivers on all levels. So long as you have the space to use this effectively, there are a huge amount of exercises that can be completed.

Decathlon Nyamba Reversible Balance Station