Audiences love to watch new stars be born, and few have burned brighter over the last decade than Adam Driver. The former Marine started with a captivating role on HBO’s Girls before moving on to scene-stealing roles as a supporting actor. Yet it was Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars trilogy that cemented Driver as a significant talent, capable of leading a franchise—while also being the best part about those films. In short, a new leading man arrived.

His latest leading turn comes in House of Gucci, his second 2021 collaboration with legendary director Ridley Scott (the first being The Last Duel, the overlooked and now much-discussed and underrated historical epic film; it’s well worth checking out). And with much of House of Gucci centering on the world of fashion (“much” being a modest term here), we figured it would be as good a time as ever to look at another aspect of this new generation A-lister: his impeccable style.

With leading man status comes leading man looks, so we’re taking a look at some of Driver’s best fashion moments, both on and off the screen. Driver prefers to keep this look on the simple side, opting for darker shades (he loves blues and blacks) as his personal preference. He wears bright colors very well when he opts to do so too. Below, you’ll find 10 of our favorite looks from the actor, as well as some selects if you want to channel his leading man style for yourself.

House of Gucci Press Junket

House of Gucci/MGM

As you’ll see throughout a lot of Driver’s off-screen looks, the actor typically sticks to a darker color palette. So when he opts for something colorful, it’s important to take notice. This yellow sweater and blue dress shirt he wore for House of Gucci’s press interviews immediately stands out as a bolder choice—one that pays off in spades because the color suits him extraordinarily well. It’s also a testament to exploring outside of your comfort zone now and again.

adam driver fashion style


House of Gucci First Look

Anyone who was on Twitter the day this official image from House of Gucci debuted remembers it fondly, as the internet went nuclear over Driver’s fit; the hefty turtleneck sweater conjured a thirsty remembrance of Chris Evans’ Knives Out cable knit, while the white ski suit offers a nice contrast. And the glasses! This is a sure-fire way to stay warm and trendy all winter long.

last jedi adam driver style


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Premiere

When playing one of the most complex, layered, and nuanced villains in recent pop culture history, it helps to dress the part. This look of Driver at the premiere for The Last Jedi—a great movie, please do not @ me—is a full-hearted embrace of Kylo Ren’s personality. If you can effectively pull off a jet black suit, tie, and dress shirt, you should do so.

Cannes for Annette

adam driver style

Toni Anne BarsonGetty Images

Here we see Driver at the Cannes photocall for the musical Annette, wearing another minimalist look of just a sport coat, navy shirt, and dark pants, and some slick shoes. You can easily spruce this up and go for a fun material on the shirt—perhaps chambray—or even swap in a classic pair of shoes like some Converse Chuck Taylors. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good when you put it all together.


adam driver fashion style


You’ll notice Driver tends to play with certain shades, with brighter blues being a favorite. This, from a moment during HBO’s Girls, evokes feelings of the legendary Bill Cunningham’s blue work jacket. A little bit of workwear in your wardrobe rotation is always a good thing, especially when it’s as striking as this one. You’ll also notice a bit of a blue shirt sticking out from underneath the jacket, albeit one that’s a different hue from the jacket itself; if you’re going to pile on multiple colors, be sure to do it with a slightly different shade.

Logan Lucky

adam driver fashion style

Bleecker Street

As an unofficial fan club leader of Steven Soderbergh’s vastly unseen Logan Lucky, I feel as though I’m contractually obligated to bring up the 2017 heist movie whenever humanly possible. Luckily for the Logans—and for you, dear reader—the film features a genuinely fantastic Adam Driver fit; the Bob Seger t-shirt and patterned short outfit is a surefire combination that pretty much anyone can execute while also being decidedly in-fashion right now. Grab a tee of your favorite band and some cool pants, and you’ll pull off a (sartorial) heist of your own.

While We’re Young

while we're young adam driver style


Noah Baumbach’s While We’re Young is sort of the nadir of making fun of hipster bullshit, best exemplified by casting Driver (at that point, famous for being in Girls, a certified hipster hit) in one of the key roles. Easy jabs at millennials aside, Driver’s character has a strong fashion sense and finds him wearing more color than we’re typically used to seeing; the mustard yellow cardigan pops with the darker tones of his shirt and leather jacket combination. Hell, he manages to make the hat look good too, which is no small feat.

Inside Llewyn Davis

inside llewyn davis  adam driver

CBS Films

While Driver’s screen time in Inside Llewyn Davis is fleeting, his limited screentime—and excellent outfit—make a lasting impression. Cowboy-inspired looks are all the rage right now, so if a hat doesn’t quite work for you, feel free to grab something else, like a set of cool roper boots.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

star wars adam driver style


The less said about the plot of The Rise of Skywalker, the better, but nevertheless, the movie gained considerable points for letting Driver run around in athleisure for part of the third act. Clad in all black, as Driver himself would prefer, Ben Solo’s turn to the light makes for a decidedly easy-to-recreate look that’s just as great to wear lounging around at home as it does at a bar.


adam driver style

Theo WargoGetty Images

We can say that Driver likes to keep his fashion simple, but when your tailoring is this spectacular, you don’t need to go with an ostentatious outfit. Each red carpet tux Driver wears is a home run every single time—and there’s something to be said for being this constantly consistent.

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