Collaboration to drive value-based care that improves outcomes, costs, access and health equity for ABA’s employer clients powered by Health at Scale’s best-in-class machine intelligence

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Health at Scale, the market leader in machine intelligence for value-based care delivery, today announced a partnership with Assured Benefits Administrators (ABA), a leading national third party administrator providing flexible and fully integrated healthcare administration and management solutions to employers across the United States, to bring AI-powered smart health plan administration capabilities to ABA members.

Through the partnership, ABA’s employer clients will have access to Health at Scale’s industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered Precision Intelligence™ to improve employee health plan administration through smart, proactive, customized, hyper-personalized care insights for provider navigation, reducing gaps in care, preventing low-value care, increasing health literacy, and empowering employees and dependents with a personalized care experience that puts them in the center, one member at a time, of care that works for them.

With employers reporting the highest annual increase in per-employee health costs in over a decade in 2022, Health at Scale’s Precision Intelligence™ offers employer health plans a transformational opportunity to improve outcomes, driving lower costs with higher satisfaction and productivity through AI-based personalization. Health at Scale’s machine intelligence goes beyond existing tools for health plan administration with a deeply contextualized and clinically-nuanced understanding of the patient, provider, time and setting of care for each service – going beyond one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approaches of the past with real-time hyper-personalized information for patients and care managers.

“As healthcare costs continue to rise for employers, innovative technology needs to rise to the challenge of making healthcare affordable through better outcomes, experiences and equity — rather than the broken paradigm of higher deductibles, lower coverages, and increased premiums,” said Zeeshan Syed, Chief Executive Officer at Health at Scale. “We strongly believe that sustainable healthcare costs can only result from smarter health plan administration that understands each patient’s unique needs and circumstances in the moment. ABA’s track record of administering innovative self-funded health plans makes them the perfect partner for us.”

“ABA is looking forward to our partnership with Health at Scale. ABA has a deep focus on executing cost containment strategies with superior member experiences,” said Jesse Jay Beck, Chief Growth Officer at ABA. “The Health at Scale-ABA partnership will help facilitate this and ensure that patients are navigated to providers that have a track record of providing quality outcomes.”

About Health at Scale

Health at Scale is a health care machine intelligence company that uses proprietary advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to match individuals to the next best action in real-time and when needed most: whether it’s the ideal choice of treatment, an early intervention, or the right provider. Founded by machine learning and clinical faculty from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Michigan, the company’s mission is to bring precision delivery to healthcare, learning from thousands of health variables from over a hundred million lives to generate personalized and precise insights for individual patients. Health at Scale’s machine intelligence is deployed at scale in real operational settings–including with some of the largest payers in the country, driving better health outcomes and affordability for its customers. The company’s software solutions service a broad range of use cases: provider navigation and network design, early targeted prediction and prevention of adverse outcomes, optimized treatment planning; and fraud, waste and abuse prevention. For more information, please visit

About Assured Benefits Administrators

Assured Benefits Administrators, is a full service third party administrator providing flexible and fully integrated healthcare administration and management solutions to employers across the United States. Since 1985, ABA has been offering innovative, cost-efficient health benefits to self-funded plan sponsors that are a strategic asset and not just an added cost. With its concierge-style service, members receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time. ABA provides a competitive edge with a single focus on self-funding, and is fully integrated with its long-term partners who are recognized as industry leaders. For more information about ABA, visit

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