New Delhi: Delhi cabinet on Tuesday approved the funds for launch of the AAP government’s health information management system (HIMS) project under which health cards will be given to each citizen for free. The system will allow doctors to see a patient’s medical history using the card and the patients will be able to take appointments from home.
A government official said while the HIMS had been envisaged to track and record the complete medical record of each individual and help provide continuous healthcare, health cards have been developed to supplement the efforts in this initiative by making the entire system more robust. “The health card will act like a unique health identity for each individual through which everything from their medical history to appointment dates can be accessed,” the official said.
The health cards will have the complete demographic and key clinical details, along with other related information about the individual’s eligibility under various health schemes and programmes of Delhi government. “The health cards will facilitate the identification of individuals as well as the schemes and programmes under which the particular individual is eligible so they may be provided best in class health care services in Delhi. It will also act as a foolproof backup in case the HIMS is accidentally non-accessible and hence, all the details may not be available in real time,” the government said in a statement.
The health cards will also facilitate easy identification of key clinical information, which may be vital for the treating doctor to provide personalised health care services. Also, any new diagnosis will be further included in the health card. This continuously evolving digital record will help an individual get personalised healthcare in Delhi.
The health card will be secured. Voter ID card of Delhi will be the only mandatory document for registration for citizens who are 18 years and above. They will be issued health card for availing free health care services in any of the healthcare institutions of Delhi, which may be further extended to institutions outside Delhi as well. All citizens between 1 and 18 years will be issued a health card linked to their parent’s health card. All newborn children (up to one year of age) will be linked to their mother’s health card.
The AAP government will be setting up a centralised support centre and counters at Delhi health facilities and camps to facilitate the service. The citizens of Delhi along with their family members will be able to pre-register themselves for issuance of a temporary e-health card.