Dressing for your body—no matter what shape or size you have—is a feat in and of itself. And when you’re focusing more on upping your PRs in the gym, odds are the task to dress for your muscles is even tougher—no worries, where’s the fun if it doesn’t require a good challenge? Of course, it does beg the question: How exactly does one dress to showcase that well-earned physique in a way that’s undeniably cool without feeling out of your zone?

As much as I wish it were another way, developing a killer sense of A-list style takes some time and effort, but it’s not impossible. And thankfully, there are some closet staples you can always turn to for starting points and develop a personal style that suits your everyday needs. We had the chance to chat with celebrity stylist Jason Bolden about acing your closet and owning your looks (which, may only need a suave cocktail featuring none other than Grand Marnier in hand). Of course, we also discussed the key to dressing for broader shoulders and bigger arms (his client roster includes Michael B. Jordan, Dwayne Wade, and Steph Curry, after all).

Without further ado, read on to see Jason’s expert tips on getting dressed for the rest of this cold-weather season and the one thing you need to sport those threads like a top-notch celeb.

The Most Important Factor for Cold Weather Clothes: Texture

“For me, the most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a cold-weather wardrobe is always texture. Texture, be it plaids, prints, wool or mohair, that’s warm and also translates to fashion.”

Spacedye Alpaca Crew



Never Underestimate the Power of Great Pants and Good Shoes

          “The best tip I can offer is to simplify the process with great trousers and a really good pair of shoes. A trouser is the easiest thing because now everything is so relaxed. You can still have fun with that and not have to worry about being uncomfortable.”

          Lightweight Stretch Chinos

          Flint and Tinder


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          Great Suiting Comes Down to Tailoring and Fit

              “When shopping for a suit it’s fit, fit, fit! Lean into finding a tailor or seamstress to ensure the fit is perfect. My favorite suit on a budget is the J.Crew Ludlow suit.”

              Ludlow Classic-Fit Suit Jacket in Italian Chino

              Ludlow Classic-Fit Suit Pant in Italian Chino

              Closet Staples Should Feature Two Factors: Timelessness and Versatility

              “Four staples: a classic white button-down, the perfect black trouser, a watch, and a great overcoat. A white button-down always dresses something up or makes for a perfect shirt to wear to the beach. A pair of black trousers you can wear with sneakers or proper shoes. A watch is always timeless. And the overcoat finishes the look.”

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              Loose-knit Sweaters Will Keep You Warm Without Overheating

                  “I think the best of both worlds is a loose-knit [sweater], because it breathes easily.”

                  The Felted Merino Half-Zip Sweater



                  Accessories Can Be Anything That Elevates Your Outfit

                      “When I’m going out, I always add a watch to elevate my look. However, the perfect accessory doesn’t have to be something that’s on you. It could be something that you’re holding like a beautifully garnished Grand Marnier Old Fashioned.”

                      Formula 1 Chronograph

                      TAG Heuer


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                      Invest in Your Wardrobe Staples

                          “[Every man should invest in] a great pair of shoes.”

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                          Men With a Broader or More Muscular Body Should Balance Out the Proportions

                              “Everything can’t be tight so you have to pick one of them. I like a fitted shirt and a relaxed trouser.”

                              Stealth Crew Neck T-Shirt

                              Mack Weldon


                              Lifting in Style is Easy—Just Opt for Activewear Brands That Feel Fashion-Forward

                              “Consider a brand that is a bit more fashion-forward and leans towards athleisure. Many brands like Nike, New Balance, Adidas and Puma, have pieces that seamlessly transition from a gym look to an outside look.”

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                              Sneakers and Suiting Is the Unexpected Look That Feels Fresh and Cool

                                  “I love all the New Balances. Wearing a New Balance trainer with proper suiting is the perfect throwback to the late ’80s, early ’90s.”

                                  237V1 Sneakers

                                  New Balance


                                  Timeless Leather Shoes Will Always Be a Hit for Formal Occasions

                                  “I love a proper Chelsea boot and lace-up Brogue.”


                                  Thursday Boots


                                  Biennial Black Medallion Toe Brogues



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                                  A Nice Button-Down Is an Easy Way to Dress Up Your Sweats

                                      “A great pair of sweatpants, a proper button-down, a nice sock and a loafer is a good way to plus-up your at-home look.”

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                                      A New Take on Business Casual: Drawstring Trousers

                                          “There’s the new craving for everything having a drawstring. A proper trouser with a drawstring leans into you know the relaxed leisure-luxe vibe.”

                                          Everyday Trousers



                                          Sneakers the Budget-Friendly Way to Incorporate the Latest Trends

                                              “Living grand doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. I think any sneaker kind of works for the new trends right now. Focus on finding a pair of sneakers that speak to you and are a bit more flashy or a style you would normally shy away from. Have fun with it!”

                                              Clyde Red & White Men’s Sneakers

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                                              Your Shoes Are the Perfect Way to Experiment With Your Style

                                                  “Start experimenting with shoes. It’s one of the last things you put on so take some risks and play by putting on something as you are about to walk out the door.”

                                                  The Jack Boot in Red Paisley



                                                  No Matter What You’re Wearing, Confidence Is Key

                                                  “Confidence, confidence, confidence! It’s easy to wear anything when YOU feel good about what you’re wearing.”

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